Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

A few months into your pregnancy, it will be pretty obvious. Your period will have been absent for a month or two, your breasts will be swollen, and you may start to show. What about early symptoms of pregnancy however? In this article, we look at the early signs that you are expecting.

Changes to Your Period

Most of us know that a missed period is a clear indication of pregnancy, but did you know that what is known as ‘implantation bleeding’ is one of the most common early symptoms of pregnancy? This usually happens 6 to 12 days after fertilization, and is accompanied by spotting and cramping – which you may mistake for your period!

If your period is shorter and lighter than usual, then it may also be a sign that you are pregnant. It is not well known, but many women still have a period of sorts when they are pregnant.

Breast Tenderness

As early as one week after conception, you can experience breast tenderness, similar to what you would have just before and during your period. Your breasts may also seem swollen.

Tiredness and Headaches

As early as one week after conception, you can start to feel tired, and headaches often kick in as soon as your body starts producing all the hormones that are required for your pregnancy.

Morning Sickness and Backaches

Morning sickness can start as soon as two weeks after conception, and while some women do not get it at all, or only have it during the first trimester, some experience it throughout their pregnancy. Backaches can also make an appearance early on in your pregnancy, and will often endure for the entire pregnancy too.

Food Cravings

Cravings for a particular food, or foods, is another of the early symptoms of pregnancy that many women experience throughout their pregnancy. Some even experience cravings for non-foods, which some women crave certain smells.

Darkened Areolas

One of the most subtle of early symptoms of pregnancy is the subtle darkening of the areola, or the area round the nipple. This does not always happen, and if it does, it may be difficult to notice.


1. Delayed, missed or altered period are a sign of pregnancy.
2. Morning sickness, tiredness and headaches are all experienced early on in pregnancy.
3. You may also get food cravings, backaches and breast tenderness during the first few weeks of pregnancy.

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